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CINCHOLOGY Introduction

“So few are the easy victories as the ultimate failures.”  ― Marcel Proust

Why do so many people make things so complicated? Why are relationships so hard? Why do families break apart? Why is finding a good job so challenging? Why am I always falling behind? Why am I always feeling stressed? Why can’t things be easier? Why, why, why? No matter where I’ve been or what I’ve done in my personal and professional life, I’ve frequently heard these questions muttered by people time and time again. These worries seem to affect a lot of wonderful people. 

they are signs and symptoms of ________ (fill in the blank)

Signs are what a trained professional sees and symptoms are what a person experiences or feels. This may help avoid a potential disaster. You may’ve experienced this during a medical consult with a healthcare professional. Let’s talk about this little-known thing called stress for a moment since it impacts a very large number of people, especially in the work place. Although stress is a normal part of life and may serve a useful purpose, research shows that unmanaged stress is a contributing factor to cancer, heart disease, phobias and other life-threatening consequences. In fact, it’s known as The Silent Killer. It's also a dream killer.

A recent documentary revealed that stress shrinks your brain, adds fat to your body, and even unravels your chromosomes. Some people get so comfortable with stress they just don’t feel it anymore, even though the signs and symptoms are present for the world to see. This pattern is similar to a diabetic that gets so accustomed to chronic hyperglycemia or prolonged high blood sugars that they don’t feel symptoms anymore; this is highly dangerous for a diabetic, and it’s equally dangerous for the person who is constantly stressed.

In the pursuit of increased performance, competition and perfection, it seems stress has become the main plea for all that goes wrong in a person’s life — whether it’s related to family; the workplace; education; medical profession; military or money; you name it. The truth is, conditions where people live and work are absolutely vital to their health. Empirically speaking, it’s my belief that we not only survive longer with less stress, but we also thrive more without stress. I’m living proof of that. I’ve taken the CINCHOLOGY®approach to life and never let my creativity and imagination grow up and get lost. I may’ve suffered great loss as a child, but managed to never lose my imagination; always believing we are Charismatic Innovators Never-failing Co-Creators Hooyah! Hang in there with me, and you’ll discover more.

Achieving big breakthrough success and balance at work and home is both an art and science that can be obtained by following a process or prescription. From this vantage point, I’ve invested years studying art and design in New York City, beginning at the High School of Art & Design, Pratt Institute, Fashion Institute of Technology and Adelphi University, and completed a few years in the creative industry for a living. On the medical science and life-science side of the spectrum, I’ve spent the last twenty years in health care exploring disease states in the highly competitive medical device industry in sales, sales training, and sales management for two Fortune 500 companies, a Global 500 company, and a Global 2000 company, as well as two start-up medical device companies.

As a professional artist and a sales professional, I’ve learned you’ll always be accepted and rejected. As an individual contributor in medical device sales, I’ve personally generated over 14 million dollars in sales revenue in my selling career. I’m often asked, “How did you make that career leap between art and science?” The short answer is simply by being fascinated and genuinely interested in people, paying attention to everything, being curious, satisfying natural cravings, and a strong desire to be closer to my wife, children and family. It also helped that art and science are actually related in so many ways. It all involves observation, investigation and asking lots of good questions.

So, I thought, what would be a good way to explore more of the world? The U.S. Navy! My dad enlisted as a Merchant Marine during WWII and served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. I reshaped my life by enlisting in the U.S. Navy, specializing in fire science and metalworking. Incidentally, humans have a lot in common with metals as it relates to strength, toughness, stress and fatigue. Both human resilience and metals have a breaking point, so to speak. This can happen when we are under too large of a stress load, or even an accumulation of small stressors over time. How far can metal bend without breaking? The same question can apply to our lives. What bonds could be formed? The military was a terrific platform for me to stretch and discover. Damage control was a large part of this process training shipboard personnel in ship stability; fire prevention and firefighting; and chemical, biological and radiological warfare defense. I trained intensely in compartmental damage control. Each of these jobs were super competitive, high pressure and high expectation roles in which poor outcomes can be devastating. 

After serving the U.S. Navy, I volunteered as a firefighter and medic with an engine company and rescue unit on Long Island, NY. In addition, I started several small businesses: the first business was a home-safety, first-aid and CPR training company with a special emphasis on mothers with young children, youth organizations and professional first-responders; another was an e-commerce joint venture with my best friend and business partner. I’ve certainly experienced a tremendous amount of stressful situations in all of these arenas.

Over these amazing years, I’ve met and worked with incredibly talented and ultra-competitive individuals, and they too had experienced difficulty managing stress between work obligations and family. Some suffered terribly physically, emotionally and financially, and so did their families. Just take a look at divorce rates these days, for example. Half of first marriages end in divorce. Second and third marriage divorce rates are even greater. Regrettably, families are torn apart all too often. I know that’s a major price in life to pay since being affected by loss at a young age myself.

Each of us has faced enormous challenges and barriers at different points in our lives. These pivotal experiences made me reflect a lot on my life and how I compensated for the outrageous formative years, and how it actually impacted my critical thinking and belief system. 

My three main objectives are very simple:

a.  to live the fullest life with family and friends

b.  to live as stress-free as I can and enjoy everyday life

c.  to live in abundance as nature intended and love my work 

The roots of my success in these three areas are reinforced by two decades of research, including working directly with innovators, hundreds of medical professionals, and hundreds of patients related to managing disease; reading over 200 books on self-improvement and business; reviewing over a 1000 clinical articles from various professional journals; and participating in hundreds of hours of productivity, leadership and healthcare courses to design the life I wanted for myself and for my family. Additionally, I’ve been a valued member of advisory boards and councils within major corporations and university. I also possess an awesome library in my home. That, my friend, is what CINCHOLOGY®encapsulates. So where does this leave you and I, and why should you join this awesome community (blog)? 

This blog is written for anyone who has ever struggled to achieve great success in their career while balancing family and friends; for those who are facing a job transition or who have just finished college and are looking for their first real job; for those in the military, medical, teaching, arts or business professions. In short, this BLOG is for everyone. 

The goal of this blog is to be both entertaining and educational. For starters, it’s a wonderful, simple pleasure to curl up with a good story, especially if you are feeling stressed-out or if you’re simply wanting to learn a proven process to get ahead a little bit easier and faster. It’s like adding awesome sauce to your diet.

Research shows that reading has short-term and long-term effects on connecting in the brain and is one of the most effective ways to overcome stress. Emory University conducted a clinical research project to show how stories get into your brain. Previous research conducted at the University of Sussex suggests that reading a good book is more effective than listening to music (which I love both), going for a walk or drinking tea (again, things I love to do … actually, I enjoy drinking kaw-fee as we would say in Yorkville NYC).

Although I may not know who you are personally, chances are there may be an opportunity for you to gain insight from the CINCHOLOGY® process. After all, it’s measured changes that lead toward results.

Meeting new people, learning new things and sharing ideas is an absolute joy for me, which I treasure, and I’m sharing that insight with you here. It’s packed with useful information to help you excel in business and home.

The Life You've Dreamed About

Personal Crisis & Stress? Don't let job pressures, co-workers, bosses, work overload, money, loss of job, medical expenses, illnesses, health crisis derail your dreams. 

Robert Louis Poole exemplifies serving. He’s a United States Navy veteran and a highly accomplished business professional receiving numerous achievement awards and recognition from corporations, health care systems and organizations like Smiths Medical, Medtronic, Kimbery-Clark, 3M, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City, The Citykids Foundation, The Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens, Hospital for Special Surgery, Carolinas HealthCare System, Novant Health, University of North Carolina Medical Center, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Pediatricians for Central America's Children, American Diabetes Association, University College Adelphi University, Dale Carnegie Training, New York State Assembly, United States Olympic Committee and the Department of the Navy. In addition, Robert aided his community as a volunteer firefighter and EMT-defibrillation. Robert is a serial entrepreneur, an author, an artist, and a contributor of published articles in community and local papers. Although a New Yorker by heart, he resides in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina with his wife, two daughters and their four pampered pooches.

Acronym for CINCH

1. Charismatic — a person that is favored and gifted to inspire devotion in others.

2. Innovator — known for introducing changes and new ideas.

3. Never-failing — someone who is reliable and unbroken by adversities.

4. Co-creator — a person that brings something into reality, expressing thoughts and dreams.

5. Hooyah! — as a Navy veteran, I use this battle cry to signify verbal acknowledgement.

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