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My background

The university I studied the longest and learned the most was the school of adversity. I’ve made my poverty and difficult circumstances serve my all-absorbing craving for family, self-education and success. The world we work and live is so dynamic. 

My new book Cinchology: Achieving BIG Breakthroughs One Inch at a Time is a well-defined roadmap for finding and creating new opportunities. It's filled with life and ideas intended for growth.





  1. a branch of learning for systematically seizing business opportunities while upholding a well-balanced home life.         “the cinchology process is easy to learn and highly impactful."


       2.  Informal. study to seize on or make sure of:

          “Bob’s insight cinched Joe’s decision to compete in a race”


Overcoming obstacles are the common denominator of reaching life’s goals.

Research shows the top causes of stress in the U.S. are job pressure, money, health, relationships and media overload. It's been said seven out of ten wonderful people regularly experience physical symptoms and/or psychological symptoms caused by stress. What are you doing today to create new opportunities in your life? 

Inch-by-inch, anything’s a CINCHOLOGY™opportunity


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It’s critical to ask important questions and develop a plan and process to detect and detour around obstacles, or break through them. A plan and process equips you to notice visual clues. It’s about taking ordinary occasions and making them extraordinary through simple acts. 

About Robert

In his preteens, ROBERT LOUIS POOLE was already enterprising. Growing up in the streets of New York City (Washington Heights, Yorkville and the Lower East Side of Manhattan), Robert began his work ethic selling newspapers in pubs and restaurants. At fifteen, he began a life changing career with a small specialty compounding pharmacy, the type with the vintage apothecary fixtures located across from New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, and by chance served dignitaries and celebrities.

At eighteen, Robert served in the United States Navy, traveled the world, and absorbed many culturally invaluable transferable skills taught today. Throughout his career, Robert learned to adapt, reinvent, and perform in any industry. Robert is a proven frontrunner who has developed the resilience and proficiency that have led him to becoming an expert in the fields of family man & dad, consulting, selling, leading, coaching, and patient advocacy.

An industrious person at heart, Robert immersed himself in self-education and professional development in speaking, selling and leading, including Dale Carnegie Training in New York City as a trainer candidate, among others. Using go-at-it-iveness and stick-to-it-iveness success skills learned in the U.S. Navy and Fortune 500 companies, Robert has coached, trained, and raised up talent to bring tremendous outcomes to the organizations and clients he served. Robert also co-founded three small businesses and contributed to the success of several medical device start-up companies. 

Robert Louis Poole is an author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur and consultant. He has spoken to a vast audience of corporations, health care systems, clinicians, including kitchen table demonstrations with patients. He is a proud U.S. Navy veteran and an accomplished business professional receiving numerous awards and recognition from great organizations like Kimberly-Clark, Medtronic and 3M, and many others. In addition, he served his community as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He resides in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina with his wife, two daughters and their four pampered pooches.